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Some Christmas Stories

 Safe Temptation  
Updated 2011 

Rating: R If it’s going to be higher I will rate that chapter differently.This is my first fan fic ever. I’ve been an avid reader and decided to try one myself! I want to thank my beta Beth!! Without you I couldn’t or wouldn’t of done this!  ~Sarah

Elizabeth Webber-Spencer had another sleepless night. It’s been nearly two months since she found out the results of her paternity test. She only knew the actual results. Jason Morgan was going to be a father and he had no idea. Jason Morgan was the man that she had a magnetic pull with for last eight years and who unwillingly held her heart. But he was also Jason Morgan alleged mob enforcer. He was under the impression that Elizabeth’s husband Lucky was the father as was the whole town.

It’s been nearly five months since Elizabeth had a good night’s sleep. And pregnancy was not to be blamed for Elizabeth’s insomnia. No it was guilt and loss that kept her awake at night. Guilt that she was depriving the man she loves his child. Guilt for lying to her husband. Not only about her amazing night with Jason, but about the paternity of her baby. Lucky had stopped using pills and entered rehab just because Elizabeth was pregnant with “his” child. And loss, loss that she would never again feel the arms or the lips of the man that she loved. He was trying to make his relationship work with Sam. And everyone thought it was better that Lucky was the baby’s father. Well everyone except Elizabeth. The last time that Elizabeth slept soundly was that fateful night ion August.

The dreams started the same night that she went to the penthouse to tell Jason the results of the paternity test. It turned out that he already knew the results. Well at least he thought he did. Carly had told him that Lucky was the father and according to Jason that was better for everyone. The fact that Carly told him all on the assumption the Elizabeth hadn’t quit her job really aggravated Elizabeth.

The dreams started off innocent enough. She would dream about what the baby would like or if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy. Then the dreams started to play out like her own personal movie. Sometimes she would dream about the Morgan Family. Jason, Cam, the baby and herself would be doing normal everyday things together. Like reading a bedtime story or celebrating Christmas. After those dreams Elizabeth would wake up disappointed to see who was lying in the bed next to her.

Other times she would dream of the Spencer Family. These dreams were different. She usually dreamt of herself, Cam and the baby. Lucky was rarely in them. But they always took place in the Spencer House. There was never any joy in those dreams. Just a feeling of emptiness.

Now it was Christmas and she was miserable. And for a self-proclaimed Christmas freak this was horrible. But once again Elizabeth would plaster a fake smile on her face and show the world that she was okay. Cameron deserved to a wonderful holiday no matter what. Her son had a tough year and Elizabeth decided she was going to make this the best Christmas ever.

Cameron never knew his father, Sander Smith. He died shortly after Cameron was conceived. Elizabeth had worked hard to make a life for her son. She became a nurse because she couldn’t support them on her salary from Kelly’s. Then she rekindled her relationship with Lucky, in part to give Cam a positive male role model. But that didn’t turn out the way Elizabeth wanted she was forced to send Cam to live with her Gram this summer when Lucky’s drug abuse got out of hand.

Zander Smith sat in heaven and looked down on his son and Elizabeth. At first he couldn’t believe he was actually in heaven because of all the horrible things he did when he was alive. But it was explained to him that he made it to heaven because of Cameron. He was to be his son’s own private guardian angel. He was also to keep an eye on Elizabeth since his son needed his remaining parent to be alright. Up until this summer he had never seen a problem in his son’s life. He was proud on Elizabeth. She had made a life for herself and their son. Then Lucky started abusing pills. Lucky did so much damage that he drove Elizabeth into the arms of another man. Zander knew it was time for him to step in and take care of his family. And however clichéd it sounded holiday dreams do come true. He was going to make sure of it.  ~One:

Beautiful Memoirs Holiday Theme

Elizabeth Webber picks up a stranded Jason Morgan from the side of the road and takes him home to her family at Christmas. 

Secret Santa
When Edward Quartermaine offers a $50,000 reward for the identity of Port Charles' Secret Santa, Elizabeth Webber sets out to unmask the famed gift giver, but finds something worth a lot more than that.    Read more: 

How the Internet Saved Christmas  by Sterryvit   
Jacob Martin Webber knew his years of visits from Santa were numbered. Both his brother and mother said that once you turned 10 Santa stopped coming because there were always more children that he needed to visit. Since he had only two more visits from the jolly fat man he was going to make them count.   Rated: K+   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4 


All I want for Christmas

Christmas Angel  by Swish

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