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Storyville: Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft

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It was the summer evening of 1882 and I was 24 years old. It had been a warm summer with very little rain. The grass on the estate was reaching a dry crunchy appearance and the crops were even in the worst shape. It was the middle of summer in the English countryside and the flowers were in full bloom . The ones outside my window were wilting from all the heat we were having. It was the end of the month of July and only a few days until my wedding day. I was anything but excited about my upcoming nuptials. The thought about running away and leaving my life forever was all to tempting to me.

My name is Pam Ravenscroft and I was born into a life of privilege and money.

Viking Vampire God Series
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The Eternal Dilemna  - A collection of more  Eric/Pam stories

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