Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nut Hut Archive "Love Shack"

Tidal Wave, One shot for Jake's bday
Release the Kracken,  PG one shot
The Moment NC-17, One shot  0 51 
All The News Thats Fit To Print, a drabble
Tilt A Whirl,  Not nice to Jason
Wee Willie Winkie, Yeah more Jason hate
The Light,  A one shot for Janina's birthday

Finding Love, One shot R for language 
Saint Elizabeth My Ass, AR/AU-Rated R/NC-17

You'll be Sorry, This little ditty is in reaction to the crap going on with GH. I'm fed up and angry and since I'm angry at Jason, I decided it was time to let some of my frustrations out through writing. Catharsis at its best. I think its time for Elizabeth to get back some of her own and so here she is folks, a fed up Elizabeth ready to seek revenge.   Warning: Dark Elizabeth

Love Stinks,  NC-17; 
Shut Up & Let Me Go one-shot; hint of Niz; Liason 
Moving On,  drabble; hint of Niz; 
Hurt, one shot; VERY dark 

My Heart Is Yours, AU;NC-17
Hanging By A Thread AR;NC- 17 

The Poor Man's Chuck Woolery AR 

Misfits AU;NC-17

Halloween: Starsky, Hutch & Huggie Bear

The Poor Man's Chuck Woolery 'verse Shelly
When We Two Parted, AR; NC-17
Hit Me

Pregnant Pause, NC-17 
The Doctor Will See You Now  Irreverant One Shot

Not Just Deaf, But Dumb And Blind, AU, NC-17

Elizabeth's Dream Come True, Threesome: Zac Efron, Elizabeth & Jason 

Finding Home, AR; NC-17
Two Fool Things, AU; NC-17

No Excuses, One shot
Life Begins Now: One Shot  Girls Night Out turns profound
He's A Man, NC-17 One-shot 


CFF08#5: You First, One-shot; flash fiction
So You Say Your Boyfriend is a Mobster..., Parody; One shot 

The Four Musketeers & Hairspray, Sequel to "Stone Cold, The Jackal...etc"

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