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True Blood Final Season


Annabelle "Genie" DePriest is struggling to make ends meet with her low paying job. So to get more money for the custody battle against her ex-husband she gets an unconventional night a phone sex operator. Now all she has to do is get the best attorney her money can buy. Max Richardson is living the dream. He's one of the top divorce attorneys in the city, he's got more money that he could spend in a lifetime and could make the panties fall off of any woman with just a smile. Yet his family curse has sent more women running than he'd care to remember. But the sound of one woman's voice has him yearning for more.
 by The Muses

Disaster follows best friends Eric, Jason, JB and Hoyt whenever they party together. They have ruined every wedding they have ever attended, so the decision is made that they are banned from attending Alcide's wedding unless they can find girlfriends ... 

Alcide @

A retelling of Saints & Sinners from Alcide’s perspective. The family man struggles to get his life back together.


Beautifully Broken  Author: [info]spirited_lizard Character(s)/Pairing: Eric/Sookie, Sookie/Alcide, some OCs in the background 
NC-17   Type: Het  Warning: violence, sexual content, implied sexual assault, language

Summary: Eric Northman is confused. Confused by the feelings he has for Sookie Stackhouse. His mind is playing games on him and lets him dream and fantasize about her all the time. But there’s no easy way to make Sookie “his”. First, she hates him, it seems. And second, there’s other trouble with the name of Alcide Herveaux. When a new werewolf pack comes to Shreveport, Louisiana they make two mistakes – they underestimate Eric, and threaten Sookie.    Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

My Night with Alcide M Eric's invitation has been rescinded and he departs through the window leaving Alcide and Sookie to contemplate timing again.
 Author: FreyaWarriorMaiden  Sam Merlotte  Jason and Jessica

                       Hoyt and Jessica

Gone, Gone Gone..

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