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Eric Northman Stories

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2012 Stories: Kiss Me Undead by XGorgeousNightmareX

Anikka came from a royal family, always having anything she ever wanted she never needed to worry about lack of food or a place to sleep for the night. Until the day her perfect world came crashing down around her.

An arranged marriage has been formed with someone she can not stand. Her teacher has fallen madly in love with her and to top it all of she is dealing with a Viking Vampire named Eric who wishes to make her is. The life she knew is far from perfect now, and to get through it all she will need the help of her new friends.

Swedish Meatball, For all things Alexander Skarsgård   ASkarsgasms

Dennis O'Hare's Russell Edgington at his best  Season 5 
"Like sucking on heaven...."
 I am 3,000 years old, I'm stronger than all of you combined."
The Scene: Excellent Acting all around...reactions from the actors the finest! 

Alexander Skarsgard and True Blood @ The Dome
Featuring Reese Witherspoon as Sookie Stackhouse

Shitheel  Death’s Door  Precious  Breathless  One Shots

Piece of Glass
 After Sookie has rejected Eric's love, he has chosen to end his immortal life. Will she go back to the Viking era and save him from meeting his true death? This is how I think S4 should have ended. Written by the author of "Bound to the Prince".

Deep down below the world, in a place long forgotten, a sinister, old power awakened. It reared its ugly head and sniffed the moldy air, blindly searching for something in the heart of the darkness where it dwelled. Feeling an instant, excruciating hunger, the thing tried to scream out with pain, yet only uttered dry, croaking sounds of desperation. It had slept for a very long time and, without nourishment, its senses didn't work properly. Writhing and cringing with need, it didn't even know what it was that it so urgently craved. But after a while, the presence began to feel that something was moving outside, far above the vault where its corpse had been rotting for over a century.

There were beings moving up there in the light, on the other side of the thick walls that surrounded the prison of this presence. Living, breathing creatures. The thing felt a sudden overwhelming hate that returned to its mind like an old friend. It could hear them suck in the air greedily, so determined to continue with their worthless lives. It also heard the steady thump, thump, thump of the hearts that pumped the essence of life through their breakable bodies. The presence began to shiver with anticipation as it imagined how it would rip those delicious organs right out of the creatures' bodies with its sharp claws. It would eat their hearts and indulge in the taste of their living bowels, drinking their warm, red blood while they were still dying and watching.

Unexpectedly, a single ray of light broke through a crack in the old walls, and lighted up a small spot on the floor, not far from the place where the thing meandered on the floor like a blind, dried-out snail. It tried to get to the light, instinctively moving towards the seductive source of energy. Choked, agonized moans came from its throat and echoed in the emptiness of the vault. A trail of slime and decay was left on the floor where the thing had crawled. Finally it reached its goal and raised a trembling, withered hand into the sunbeam, bathing in the glorious warmth of the light.
It was back, soon to rise to power again. And this time, it would kill them all.

Ohva's Spare Time, A Handsome Devil with a Cigarette, Santress, Way of the Guns, Of Sabres and Swedes, Trueblue, Blue Butterfly

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