Friday, July 8, 2011

Series, Sequels and Songs

 Elizabeth Webber in Obscure Attraction


My Immortal  
Series by kaydimz
This is present time, Jake is not dead, Aiden does not exist and well Elizabeth is still in therapy with a better shrink than Lainey. 

A 'What if' song fic to Janet Jackson's song 'If'. It starts after Elizabeth walked out on Jason in 2002.

This is the second part this picks up a couple of weeks later

 Rolling in the Deep


Author:  Inthemoment 

the comfort series

It started with a look--the look of utter devastation on Jason's face October 6, 1999. He was on the docks watching AJ show Michael the ELQ crane. Elizabeth found him there and they talked. My series goes on from there. Lucky has really died in the fire over the motorcyle shop and Elizabeth is trying to come to terms with that. Jason has just lost Michael to AJ and Carly has just slept with Sonny.

There are weddings and deaths, there's action and romance, various bad guys, some original characters and a dog. Of course, there's a whole lot of angst, too.

the not so lost series 

this starts when Carly was in the hospital with her head injury. Elizabeth and Ric are split up, she's slept with Zander.  Jason and Courtney have just split up. Jason and Elizabeth find their way back to friendship.


 Rating:  PG-13... part 3 may hint NC-17

::  I Need You Now (c) ::



It begins with a promise for forever….

The dress was perfect, the words were heartfelt, everyone was crying as the couple kissed. It was a long time coming Elizabeth Webber was marring her first love Lucky Spencer in the ballroom at Wyndemere. As the guests looked on they spoke of love and growing old together. That day everything was perfect there were no problems just love, happiness and the promise of forever.

What happens when forever ends....

Part 1

Tara and Eric.
»Author: jj82
 So wrong, it must be right
Rated: M - Chapters: 15

  Starting over  sequel to, So Wrong it must be right. When Eric loses his memory, will he lose Tara in the process? While Tara tries to help him, someone else tries to win her over.

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