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FanFiction: Angst





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Basira's Stories

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…
(Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV)

November 21, 2003
10:13 PM

It was a picture perfect winter wonderland.

The vast clear night sky stretched out over them, each snow flake falling to its demise at the mercy of the wind shield wipers. The steady swish of the wipes the only noise penetrating the silence cloaking the silver Mercedes Benz gliding through route#81.

Shifting in her seat, she glanced up at the man steering the car. Cheek resting against the warm leather of the head rest, she watched the lights of passing cars flicker across his olive complexion as he concentrated on the road.

It was part of their ritual, dinner, a stroll through a gallery or a movie, and then a relaxing drive home as the children slept peacefully at home. For the four hours they had to themselves, they were able to pretend they were an ordinary married couple with a family. It made it possible to ignore the presence of the silent shadows that followed them from a safe distance or the twin SUVs that guided and trailed them.

“What the hell is Carlos doing?” he cursed, changing lanes as the SUV before them suddenly shifted to the left. “This isn’t the Indy 500.”

A corner of her lips quirked up in amusement.

Without hesitation, she reached across the console and rubbed his thigh to calm him down.

“I know, I know,” he repeated, capturing her hand in his as he sharply shifted the car to the right.

“They’ll get us home soon,” she promised him, weaving her fingers through his.


Characters: Jason Morgan, Elizabeth Webber, Lucky Spencer
Rating: R/NC-17(where noted)
Synopsis:fi Lucky returns from the dead to find his love involved with another man. What happens when he out that Elizabeth has changed more than he ever imagined?
Time Frame: 2000

  • Jason did not leave in January as on the show.
  • Some Transcripts have been used and modified to fit my every whim.
  • Lucky's return is a little different than portrayed on the show.

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