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Wild Rain   Heather's Haven Author mackenzie


This is an A/U story. It starts out with Helena kidnapping Elizabeth and then Jason coming to her rescue at the PCPD. All will be explained as it goes on. 1999-present is the time line in this story.

A/N: Sonny and Carly are together in this fic. Jason, Liz, Sonny, and Carly make up the Fab Four in my head and Ash's. I’m completely rusty with love scenes, so please be nice. Elizabeth isn’t pregnant yet. Jason and Elizabeth are together.

Rated: PG-13 to NC-17


Elizabeth had been locked in Shadybrook for two months. She wasn’t even sure how she ended up there. The last thing she remembered was working a double shift at Kelly’s and as she was walking along the docks to get to her apartment which she shares with Jason, two men came up from behind her and grabbed her. Elizabeth tried to fight them off, but it was no use, and they had drugged her. One day while in Shadybrook, she had managed to escape and make her way to the PCPD.

Chapter 1

It had been 5 days since Elizabeth Webber had escaped Shadybrook and she was now at the PCPD. Mac had given her interrogation room one to sleep in since it was late and Elizabeth looked like she could use the rest. While Elizabeth was sleeping on the bench in the room, Mac made a call to Jason Morgan. He figured Jason would be able to get through to Elizabeth. Mac dialed Jason’s number and patiently waited for him to answer his phone.

Jason was at his penthouse working out when his phone began to ring. He stopped, grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat from his forehead as he stopped his work out and grabbed his cell from the table, answering it. “Morgan,” Jason said a bit out of breath.

“Jason, this is Mac.”

He said while as he was watching over Elizabeth. “Hey Mac, what’s going on?” Jason asked. If Mac was calling Jason, this had to be serious. Mac looked in on Elizabeth in her drugged state lying on the bench in the interrogation room. “Elizabeth Webber is here at the station. I figured you would want to know since you two are obviously close.” Mac explained to Jason.

Jason’s eyes went wide and he had begun to worry. What had happened to Elizabeth? “Is Elizabeth okay?” He asked Mac as he started to pace the floors of his penthouse.

“Jason, she doesn’t look good. From what I can tell, her eyes are glazed over and she seems disoriented at times. In other words, Elizabeth appears to have been drugged.” Mac stated as he kept a close eye on Elizabeth who was lying still on the bench.

“Okay, thanks Mac. I’m on my way. Do not let anyone near her.” Jason said before he hung up and ran upstairs to take a quick shower, get changed and get down to the PCPD. He’d ask Mac who did this to his Elizabeth when he got down to the station. Jason was already loosing time as it was.

Jason hung up from Mac afterwards, showered, changed and got in his car and headed to the PCPD. When he arrived, he was met by Mac and he noticed that Elizabeth’s door was guarded by one of Mac’s officers.

“Mac, what happened to Elizabeth?” Jason said as he came striding into the PCPD like he owned it.

“Jason, you have got to calm down. I’m not sure what happened to Elizabeth, all I know is that she has been drugged.” Mac explained.

“I need to see Elizabeth, maybe I can get through to her.” Jason reasoned with Mac. Mac nodded and agreed to let Jason see Elizabeth. Jason and Mac went to the interrogation room where Elizabeth was and Jason opened the door and walked in. He immediately went to Elizabeth’s side, kneeled in front over her and touched her face.

“Elizabeth…” He whispered gently. “Jason?” She said ever so softly as she tried to sit up and focus on him, but she couldn’t because to Elizabeth it felt like the room was spinning.

“Yes, Elizabeth, it’s me. It’s Jason. You’re safe now.”

He said to her as he held her in his arms and looked up at Mac and then back at Elizabeth.

“Do you remember how you ended up in Shadybrook?” Jason asked her. Elizabeth shook her head no. She managed to look at Jason as she clung to him. “No, I just remember I was walking home along the docks and then I was grabbed. Two men in black grabbed me from behind.” Elizabeth explained to Mac and Jason. “They grabbed me, picked me up and tossed me in the back of some van and that’s when they must have drugged me because the next thing I knew I was in Shadybrook, Jason.” She stated as he continued to cling to Jason like he was her life line.

Jason glanced up at Mac, “Elizabeth doesn’t belong here, Mac. I want to take her home.” He said to the police commissioner as he stroked Elizabeth’s soft brown curls.

Mac smiled at the two, how he had wished that he had a love like that. “You can take Elizabeth home. Take care of her and treat her right.” Mac said smiling.

Jason picked up Elizabeth in his arms and carried her out of the interrogation room, but stopped at the door and turned to Mac, “I will Mac and thanks.” He said smiling.

“It wasn’t a problem.” Mac called after him and soon Jason was gone. Jason had left the station with Elizabeth and drove her home back to their penthouse.

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