Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stuck on Stupid

Since Jason is being written to ignore history with Elizabeth Webber, ignore his son they share and they have written Elizabeth in the toliet with another who is the baby's daddy storyline. LiasonFinally will highlight the best fan writing on the web. Some writers are professional writers, some are professionals outside of writing. Fiction and fan writers run the gamut from lawyers, doctors and stay at home moms.

This blog will highlight the best fan fiction writing period. Excellent storytelling not just Jason and Elizabeth but other characters as well, eg. crossovers from TV show, movies, whatever suits our fancy. The previous blog highlighting the summary as it is on the show will be wrapped up and will end at the December 12, 2008 episode, "No Contract."

Chasing Danger... The fic will be AU but if you like a gun toting, alpha male Jason you'll hopefully like this. It will have danger, intrigue, humor. Jason is a former Navy SEAL and black ops guy who runs an elite private security firm with Robert Scorpio. Elizabeth is a Hollywood actress that gets pulled into a dangerous plan to infiltrate a foreign hotspot. Some supporting characters include Brenda, Jagger, Johnny, Stan (Kiko's version), Spin, and Taggart.

A Preview:   Jason Morgan, long time enforcer for Sonny Corinthos, has assumed the reigns of power after his boss’s son and the boy he once thought of as his own is horribly injured in an assassination attempt on his father. Jason gives up his rights to his family and the woman he loves more than life in order to keep them safe, but the danger escalates.

And when the ruthless daughter,Claudia, of rival mob boss Anthony Zacchara comes to her father’s enemy for protection from an unwanted marriage to his former boss, what will this mean for Jason's future? Will the ever-noble Morgan help this cold-blooded damsel in distress?

As the Port Charles mob is attacked on all sides – from inside and out – would an alliance with Ms. Zacchara be advantageous to Mr. Morgan?

Will this keep the love of his live, Elizabeth Webber, safe? Will it ensure the safety of their sons, Cam and Jake? Will these two star-crossed lovers ever be able to make a life together?

And when the smoke clears who will control the balance of power in Port Charles?

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